Mississippi Valley State Head Baseball Coach Stanley Stubbs Steps Down

Stanley Stubbs has decided to step down from his head coaching duties with the Mississippi Valley State baseball team in order to deal with health concerns, Black College Nines was informed Wednesday.

It is not known if one of the assistant coaches will be named as an interim head coach for next season or if a national search is in place.

All season Stubbs was faced with health concerns. In light of this, he has decided to step away from coaching to devote full time and energy to address these issues.

Coach Stubbs has stated that he “will be pulling for MVSU and he wishes them the best for next season.”

Stubbs was hired as Mississippi Valley State head coach in 2021 replacing Aaron Stevens. Stubbs led MVSU to ten wins this season. The wins were the most the baseball program had in the last two plus years from 2020-2021 season, they were winless

Stubbs issued a statement that read…

“To our current players, coaches, former players, athletic staff, administrators, and the entire MVSU family, my journey was not possible without you and a special thanks to Doctor Jerryl Briggs for the opportunity that he afforded me.

As a coach at Mississippi Valley State, there were many challenges and learning experiences. It was always a personal responsibility to navigate through that process. I value patience, love, work ethic, persistence, respect, vision, planning, execution, and prayer which were the seeds I want water every day. I’m so proud of what has been accomplished in my short time at Mississippi valley State University and I would like to thank my assistant coaches for the jobs and duties that they performed.

We raised over $30,000 in a short period of time as a team and also established partnerships with Major League Baseball (MLB) in the first ever Let’s Play Ball event held at Magnolia Field which had over 120 kids. We reestablish the college connection at North Greenwood Baptist Church every Monday at 6:30 P.M.

Our team was very competitive in the classroom and on the playing field. Again, I thank Mississippi Valley State University for the golden opportunity that it has afforded me over the last school year, and I will always cherish the moments that I had there.

As I prepare to focus on my health, my family, and my professional business, Pro Prospect Inc., LLC., I again thank you for the golden opportunity I was given at the Valley. Love always and respectfully yours.”


3 comments for “Mississippi Valley State Head Baseball Coach Stanley Stubbs Steps Down

  1. We applaud JT Torres for his accomplishments in baseball over the years. But MVSU should go back to the well and find them a coach that will give AA players the opportunity they are not getting at other D1 schools. Winning sounds good, but player recruitment should be top question because so many of our you men are being left out that are so talented. There are so many losing coaches in D1 baseball that have been there for years. The madness has to stop… Let’s give the coach who is going to recruit the top AA players. Take a page out of Deon’s playbook. It can happen in baseball with the right coach. I am sure the BUCK has a few candidates.

  2. MVSU should interview JT Torres from Monroe College(Bronx-NY), tremendous recruiter with ties in many states, & Puerto Rico. JT is a 20 year veteran @ all college levels, with Pro experience too. Coach has great developmental & Leadership skills. He rebuilt an inner city juco program within 3 years to a conference championship. He would continue to build this MVSU program with solid mix of current talent with incoming junior college transfers. Give him a chance to help this program win!!!!

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