Black College Nines Announces 2019 HBCU Baseball Post Season Individual Awards

Fifty-seven Historically Black College and University (HBCU) baseball players have been named to the 2019 Black College Nines’ Elite Teams along with selections for Player, Pitcher, Freshman and Coach of the Year honors as well as a Sportsmanship honor. This year we have added a Dedication award to the head coach for his outstanding support, commitment and devotion to the baseball program. First and second team selections were made in both the Large School Division (made up of NCAA Division I schools) and Small School Division (made up of NCAA Divisions II and Division III schools as well as schools in both the NAIA and USCAA).

Selections were made based upon season long statistical information including research provided by both coaching staffs and their sports information directors. Player, Pitcher and Coach of the Year awards were voted upon by Black College Nines and members of the national media.

The 2019 HBCU National Baseball Player, Pitcher, Freshmen and Coach of the Year:

Large School Division






Player of the Year – Tyler LaPorte (Southern University)

Pitcher of the Year – Jeremiah McCollum (Florida A&M University)

Freshman of the Year – Alex Martinez (Prairie View A&M University)

Coach of the Year – Kerrick Jackson (Southern University)

Small School Division






Player of the Year – Gerardic Dobbs (Claflin University)

Pitcher of the Year – Roman Oliu (Albany State University)

Freshman of the Year – Roman Sorrell (Wiley College)

Coach of the Year – Rob Henry (Kentucky State University)

Special Service Award






Sports Information Director of the Year – Romanda Noble-Watson (Claflin University)

Sports Information Director of the Year – Matt Wurzburger (Norfolk State University)

Sports Information Director of the Year – Robbie Kleinmuntz (Alcorn State University)

Sportsmanship Award – Jacob Bisharat (Miles College)


Dedication Award

Built HBCU Baseball program into a powerhouse – Kevin Ritsche (Winston Salem State University)





Large School Division

First Team

1B  Justin Banks (Coppin State University)
2B  Jonathan Smith (Alabama A&M University)
3B  Tyler LaPorte (Southern University)
SS  Corey Joyce (North Carolina Central University)
UTL  Alex Martinez (Prairie View A&M University)
OF  Yamil Pagen (Alabama State University)
OF  Isaiah Torres (Grambling State University)
OF  Noel Cheneau (Alabama State University)
C  Santiago Garcia (Alabama State University)
DH  Alsander Womack (Norfolk State University)
P  Tim Luth North (Carolina A&T University)
P  Darren Kelly (Alabama State University)
P  Garrett Lawson (Delaware State University)
RP  Jeremiah McCollum (Florida A&M University)

Second Team

Pos Player School
1B  Raul Hernandez (Jackson State University)
2B  Jalen Atterbury (Savannah State University)
3B  Jaylen Williams (Jackson State University)
SS  Kevin Whitaker (Grambling State University)
UTL  Daniel Lingua (Prairie View A&M University)
OF  Olajide Oloruntimelehin (Texas Southern University
OF  Javeyan Williams (Southern University)
OF  Caleb Ward (Norfolk State University)
C  Dexter Macaay (Grambling State University)
DH  Johnny Johnson (Southern University)
P  Devin Rivera Ozuna (Coppin State University)
P  Garth Cahill (Jackson State University)
P  Darnell Maisonet (Delaware State University)
RP  Connor Whalen (Southern University)

Small School Division

First Team

1B  Hunter Babineaux (Texas College)
2B  Connor Slagill (West Virginia State University)
3B  Rubin Hancock (Wiley College)
SS  Gerardic Dobbs (Claflin University)
UTL  Tanner Brandon (Bluefield State College)
OF  Jordan Ransom (Kentucky State University)
OF  Kevin Bryant II (Albany State University)
OF  Kashif Hill (Lincoln University) (PA)
C  Peyton Durham (Bluefield State College)
DH  Marcus Hardy (Selma University)
P  Roman Oliu (Albany State University)
P  Derrick Sylve (Selma University)
P  Cole Parks (Winston Salem State University)
RP  David Padilla (Talladega College)

Second Team

1B  Kevin Russell (Virginia State University)
2B  Quantico Dodson-Williams (Albany State University)
3B  Tregrah Williams (Selma University)
SS  Keishaun Clark (Lane College)
UTL  Jacob Bisharat (Miles College)
OF  Darshon Broadwater (Stillman College)
OF  Jahleel Sewer (Virginia State University)
OF  Cameron Phelts (Texas College)
C  Clyde Parker (Claflin University)
DH  Wyatt Reid (Edward Waters College)
P  Julian Fitts (Talladega College)
P  Brady Bibbs (Kentucky State University)
P  Anthony Orta (Jarvis Christian College)
P Roman Sorrell (Wiley College)
RP  Phillip Griego (Jarvis Christian College)

For Elite team members’ individual stats, click here

2 comments for “Black College Nines Announces 2019 HBCU Baseball Post Season Individual Awards

  1. Thank you so much for acknowledging the small schools on this list. It is my hope that Major League Baseball is paying attention to your outlet because we have Legends of the black diamond in the making here in this alone can help to improve the game of baseball and its issues with diversity. #JulianFitts #TalladegaCollege

  2. I’m thankful to find something on black college baseball and be acknowledged that it exist.Im a former Jaguar baseball alum and graduate.Keep up the good work as I will follow.I was saddened when the World series game was cancelled here in my hometown Chicago for I was planning on attending to represent Jag Nation.Co Congratulations to the Jags on the SWAC championship( I won way back in 81) but there’s still business to take care of.One game and one out at a time.Why not Southern? Fight on till we gain the victory!!!!Satchmo’Williams signing off

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