Tip of the Hat to the ABAA

abaaFirst… what’s the ABAA?  The acronym stands for Aggie Baseball Alumni Association, the support arm of North Carolina A&T baseball.  And that’s not just monetary support!  A stated goal of the group is to also preserve the history of Aggie baseball. 

Other than this group, I have yet to see an alumni baseball site place as much emphasis on helping uncover its school’s baseball history as the ABAA.

This is why I tip my hat to this group!

When I visited theirwebsite (which is www.aggiebaseballalumni.org, by the way), I read in the history section about some of the same difficulties I’ve faced when I’ve contacted other HBCU schools for baseball historical information.  It isn’t easy to track down.  All I can say is keep at it!

By the way, besides the content, I’d also like to tell the group that it is a nicely designed website and I’m looking forward to checking back to see what other Aggie baseball history they uncover.

If there are any other HBCU alumni baseball websites out there, let me know!!