Weekend Power Crunch At The Plate: Coppin State Jordan Hamberg Hits For Weekend Cycle

The Coppin State baseball team returned to the diamond for the first time this season and picked up a sweep of victories over Saint Pete University during the three-game series. In the first game, the Eagles hitting attack secured the 12-4 win, and they cruised to a 14-7 victory in the second game of this season. The Eagles moved to 3-0 overall after a 16-8 sweep over Saint Pete Sunday.

Coppin State Jordan Hamberg had himself a weekend and then capped it off with a rare HBCU Baseball feat hitting for the weekend cycle at the plate and then recording six strikeouts in 5.0 innings on the mound in helping the Eagles to complete the sweep over Saint Peter, Coppin to opens the season 3-0.

Hamberg’s series went like this:

Game 1: 1 for 3 at the plate, scored a run, belted a homerun with two runs batted in.

Game 2: 2 for 4 at the plate, scored 3 runs, one homerun, and one stolen base.

Game 3: 3 for 5 at the plate, scored two runs, 1 double, 2 triples, and 4 runs batted in. On the mound struck out 6 Saint Pete batters in 5.0 innings.

All in all, Hamberg finished the series with a whopping 2.042 OPS, hitting .500 (6-for-12) with six runs two home runs, two triples, a double, nine RBI, four walks and three stolen bases. His slugging percentage, a whopping 1.417.

Chronicling Hamberg’s game-by-game weekend series.

Game 1:

Bottom of 1st – walk, stole second, stole third

Bottom of 3rd – walk

Bottom of 5th popped up to short-stop

Bottom of 6th – homered to right field, 2 RBIs

Bottom of 8th – grounded out to first base

Game 2:

Bottom of 1st – walked, advanced to second, advanced to third.

Bottom of 2nd – homered to right field, 3 RBIs

Bottom of 4th – struck out swinging.

Bottom of 6th – walked, stole second, advanced to third, scored

Bottom of 7th – singled to left field, advanced to second, advanced to third on a wild pitch, scored on a throwing error by 3b

Bottom of 8th – popped up to short-stop

Game 3:

Bottom of 1st – doubled to right field

Bottom of 3rd – struck out swinging

Bottom of 5th – flied out to centered field

Bottom of 6th – tripled down the right field line, 3 RBI, scored on a wild pitch

Bottom of 7th – tripled to right field, RBI, scored on a wild pitch

What makes Hamberg performance even more remarkable is that it occurred in a game where Coppin State scored 42 runs on 42 hits during the series en route to the sweep, set a new three-game mark for the club.

In baseball, completing the cycle is the accomplishment of hitting a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game or in a series commonly called the “weekend cycle in terms of frequency. The cycle is roughly as common as a no-hitter; Baseball Digest calls it one of the rarest feats in baseball.

Hamburg did something so rare over the weekend no documentation of it ever happening before at Coppin to the baseball program.

“If it wasn’t Jordan Hamburg I’d say he’s off to a monumental start, but after watching him the past two seasons you come to expect this from one of college baseball’s top players. Every time he takes the ball he gives us a chance to win and continues to be one of the toughest outs for opponents when he takes his stance in the batter’s box” head coach Sherman Reed.

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