Video: Despite 21 Surgeries, Darien Brown Is Playing Baseball For Tuskegee University

Born with a congenital condition called arthrogryposis, where the bone joints don’t move normally or may even be stuck in one position, Darien Brown never let his medical condition discourage his passion for baseball. Having had 21 surgeries to date, including a dislocated hip and clenched fist syndrome, Brown’s dreams of playing collegiate baseball were realized when coaches at Tuskegee University gave him a shot to walk-on its baseball team as a pitcher. Darien has not looked back since.

Darien Brown story first appeared on Black College Nines this past April 7, 2017 in a post by noted author Harold Michael Harvey. The video chronicles’ the author written account. Video first appeared on ESPNU SportCenter April 8.

Video Courtesy of Aliyah Smith ESPNU


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