Podcast: Alabama State University Head Baseball Coach Jose Vazquez

Jose’ Vazquez was named head baseball coach for Alabama State University baseball program on July 13, 2016. This season marked his fifth for the Hornets.

In 2020, Vazquez helped lead Alabama State to Black College Nines HBCU Baseball “Shortened Season” National Poll Championship (their third time in the last six years). The Hornets won back to back championships in 2015 and 2016 while Vazquez was the associate head coach.

In addition to the day-to-day duties of the Alabama State baseball program, Vazquez has coached Hornet hitters and outfielders and is widely regarded as one of the top NCAA Division I recruiters in the nation.

The Hornets have become a offensive threat each season under Vazquez’ guidance.

Prior to Alabama State, Vazquez spent the previous nine seasons as assistant coach at Bethune-Cookman. Playing under former ASU head coach Mervyl Melendez at B-CU, he then became an assistant coach for Melendez at both B-CU and ASU.

This past 2020 season, Vazquez was named HBCU Baseball Coach of the Year by Black College Nines (BCN). His roster each year is filled with honor student athletes who get drafted and sign pro contracts with Major League Baseball.

Vazquez opens up during the podcast talking about his Hornets program, his career as the coach and his plans for the future leading ASU baseball.

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Podcast: Alabama State University Head Baseball Coach Jose Vazquez

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