Fall Ball Report: Fresh Faces Added to a Revamped Harris Stowe State Lineup

The Harris Stowe State University baseball team is looking for another strong and challenging schedule for this upcoming 2023 season. The American Midwest Conference (AMC) is considered one of the toughest NAIA baseball conferences in the country. The Hornets’ plan is that the Fall Ball schedule will help challenge the team and develop their very best by the end of the season when the conference playoffs begin.

Coming off a disappointing ending to last season, the baseball program will look towards fall ball to bounce back come spring. With the fall just underway, head coach Pernell Roberts is happy where his squad is at right now. He believes they are in a good spot with personnel and recruiting to begin the year. He is moving guys around throughout the fall to see what the best fit would be for position players.

A big point of emphasis in the offseason has been the talented group coming in, but this is a lot different from high school ball.

With a younger and experience team returning, players will have to step up to make an impact. One spot, Roberts mentioned was the team searching for accountability with some guys to take on that role.

Roberts stated “Our Fall has been nothing short of great. Everyone is bought in and getting after it. Accountability, coachability, and dependability has been emphasized since day one. Can you hold yourself and your teammates accountable day in and day out? Are you coachable, do you know everything or are you a sponge? Can I, the coaching staff, and your teammates depend on you to do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to and how you’re supposed to do it? So far, each and every guy has shown that those three qualities are within themselves. That’s huge when it comes to building a culture.”

The coaching staff worked tirelessly to put the team roster together. It features some of the top players and it will help accelerate their pursuit of getting the Hornets back to a winning record. That will complement the group of returning players they will have in 2023.

Roberts stated “I also stress to our guys that is important to just be a great person before anything. Talk and treat others the way you expect to be talked to and treated. I’m big on that because we are all grown men out here and me myself personally… I treat my guys like the men they are blossoming in to. Always encouraging the team to be themselves no matter what because you perform better when you’re in a comfortable state and not trying to go an unnecessary mile which leads to getting out of character. Communication is next in line and that goes a long way with the staff and me. Whether it’s on the field or off the field, I appreciate keeping me in the loop of what’s going on.”

The coaching staff added some valuable pieces to go along with the solid core they had return. Going into this past summer, Roberts wasn’t too sure where we’ll be depth wise and now, he has stated “we are right where we want to be in that sense.”

Biggest thing for Harris Stowe State this upcoming year is going to be pitching and defense. Those were the two biggest areas they didn’t perform up to their capability last season.

Overall, Roberts is excited where the team is now and where they are heading.

“There will always be bumps and bruises along the way but staying as one, getting one percent better every day, and trusting the process is what’s going to keep us heading in the right direction.”


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