Benedict College’s Bradon O’Connor Breaks NCAA Division II National Stolen Base Record

Bradon O’Connor picture with his mother.

Benedict College outfielder Bradon O’Connor has a simple mindset when he reaches base at every collegiate baseball game he’s ever played in. When it comes to stealing bases, O’Connor has one thought. Just run, and don’t get thrown out.

That’s what was on O’Connor’s mind as he stole third base in Benedict’s final game of the season against Savannah State Saturday afternoon. That steal was No. 97 for the 22-year-old senior, which sets a new NCAA Division II stolen base record many thought would never be broken.

The previous record was 96 steals. O’Connor breaks Cisco Johnson’s single-season stolen base record which has stood since 1987. Johnson, who played at Saint Leo University, recorded 96 steals in 49 games. O’Connor now holds the NCAA Division II record for stolen bases in a season with 97 (in 43 games).

No player in NCAA Division II history has put up the stolen base numbers that O’Connor has achieved. “I never thought this day would come so it’s a pretty awesome feeling” O’Connor stated.  “The greater danger for most of us is setting our aim too high and falling short or setting our aim too low and not achieving our goal.” Did you ever think this day would come? O’Connor stated “no I didn’t. When I tied the record after stealing second it was bound to happen as I set my sight on third base.”

O’Connor finished this season batting .454 scoring 54 runs, with 10 doubles, 3 triples, one home run, and fifty-one runs batted in. He struck out 10 times this season, stole 97 bases in 105 attempts, was caught stealing only 8 times.

There is no doubt that the NCAA will recognize O’Connor as the Division II stolen base statistical champion for the second time since his college career started.

Benedict College’s athletic department prepared a plaque with the number 97 for the new stolen base champ. O’Connor’s family flew in from Colorado to witness the record. After he swiped third base, the game was stopped for a moment to honor his feat. Both his teammates and the Savannah State players poured their congratulatory praise having witnessed history.

In the last four weeks, opposing team infielders were cheering O’Connor on even congratulating each stolen base.

Congrats from teammates

97… a new NCAA DII stolen base record.

Bradon O’Connor with his mother and younger brother.


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  1. Congratulations O’Connor as I had no idea this was in the making when I flew down from NYC to see some good ole Benedict College baseball where I played my final season of college baseball. am sorry that I could not stay in Columbia, SC to witness this feat of history in a growing season for the Benedict Tigers. And a much deserved congratulations to you for also picking up your MBA from Benedict College as that is absolutely a five-tool performance by you in the classroom and on the baseball diamond. ❤️⚾️‍

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