Wiley Wildcats Baseball Greet And Mentor Students At Sam Houston Middle School





Wiley Sports Information


The Wiley College baseball team spent their morning at Sam Houston Middle School to greet and mentor students Tuesday morning.

The players were their uniforms. Coach Kendrick Biggs said they talked with students about what it takes to be a student athlete, how to make good decisions, how you should give back to your community and make good grades.

“It’s very impactful for my players to be examples to younger children,” Biggs said. “So many kids need that male role model and have someone support them.”

The Wildcats have been very active in community service this semester. On August 20, they participated in Curb-side service and helped their classmates move in to their dormitories. On August 22, they greeted students on the First Day of School at Sam Houston Middle School and George Washington Carver Elementary.

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