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While the NCAA has granted all spring sports athletes an additional year of eligibility, some Kentucky State University student-athletes have decided to forgo the extra season.

We will highlight them in the coming days.

Today we have baseball catcher Chance Egnor. He will graduate with a degree in General Studies and will join the military. Egnor joined the Thorobreds in 2019 after spending two seasons at Rend Lake Community College.

1. Why did you decide to continue your career at Kentucky State University?
It is just very close to home and my family can come watch me play a whole lot more. Financially it was also the best opportunity for me.

2. I know when you walked off the field against LMU, you didn’t think that would be your last game. How did Coach Henry tell you about the cancellations, and what was your first thought?
He told us after the game that there’s a lot going on, but we need to focus on the next most important thing. I was just ready to play again after having that terrible day at LMU. I did not even think our season would get cancelled. I thought at the most we would just be cancelled for a few weeks and then we would play again.

3. After having time to actually assess the situation, what have you been thinking since then?
I really do not know how to react to the situation. I know the decision was made thinking about our health but it’s just terrible. I hate that it had to end like this.

4. After an okay last season, it seemed you were blossoming as an offensive and defensive threat for Kentucky State. What was your mindset going into the season? How did you feel your season was going?
I struggled a lot last year for whatever reason it was. I felt a lot more comfortable this year and I just went out there to have fun. I told myself this was my last year playing so just make the most of it.

5. How did you make the decision to just graduate and not play next year?
If I were to come back and play then it would be my sixth year in college baseball. I am just ready now to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next. I never thought it would end like this but I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have played five years of college baseball.

6. What was your favorite KSU moment? And why?
I think it was just the bus rides and team dinners. At the time you do not think much of it, but I’m gonna miss the guys more than anything.

7. You got the opportunity to play with four people from your hometown of Shepherdsville. What was that experience like?
It was really cool to play with kids from my hometown. I played with (former pitcher Jacob Kelly) my entire life so it was a little weird not having him this year. It was good to reconnect with Jace because he was just a freshman when I was a senior in high school. Roby and Lucas coming from Bullitt Central was really cool. I remember playing against Roby back in high school but I had no idea about Lucas because he was just in 8th grade. But it’s nice to know kids from my area are going out and playing college sports.

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