Harris-Stowe Hornets Pitcher Victor Perez Helps Children In Need





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Harris-Stowe Hornets pitcher Victor Perez felt he had to do something for those around him when he went back home to Venezuela during the semester break.  He found his way by helping organize and feed over 50 homeless children in his hometown of Caracas. Perez who had not been home in nearly 2 years surprised his mother by arriving on his grandmother’s birthday.  Only his sister knew of his saving enough money to make the trip back for Christmas.  He also understands how lucky he is to be playing baseball while continuing his education in the United States and he felt it was his obligation to help others when he got back.  Perez, “I decided to do this because I needed to; I like to help others even though I do not have much to offer. I told my sister before I went back to Venezuela what I was planning to do with the few dollars I had saved. She supported me with the idea and a few days before I came back to the United States, my mom and my sister helped me buy as much food as we could for the homeless children because I feel they do not have any fault in what is happening in Venezuela. I hope that more people will be motivated to do what my family and I did. I have faith that God is going to help my people in Venezuela to get ahead and never give up despite the bad situation our society is eduring.”

victor_perezPerez hopes his situation gives attention to those who do not understand the hard living conditions his country faces, “This experience was very pleasant and at the same time very sad because I saw how many children and families live day by day feeding themselves with the food that others throw away: watching kids eat from trash cans.  It was an unforgettable and amazing experience to see how about 50 children smiled and appreciated the warm food my family and I provided. This filled my heart with more love for people and humanity and made me appreciate what my family and I have. One of the best parts of that day which made my tears come out was to see one of the kids holding an old baseball glove, which seems to be part of his daily life. I asked him if he loves baseball because I saw him holding his glove; his answer was,”si me gusta mucho el beisbol y este guante tambien me sirve como almohada durante las noches”- “Yes, I love baseball and I also use this glove as a pillow during my nights”. That really touched my heart. In another part of Caracas, one little girl told me to look for them the next day for more food for their siblings. At the end, I wish we could have done more for all of them.”

Perez is a junior Academic All-Conference athlete who received the Anheuser-Busch Foundation Scholarship for his performance in the classroom.  This is his third season pitching for the Hornets and is studying business administration and carries a 3.7 accumulative GPA.

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