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BALTIMORE – Coppin State head baseball coach Sherman Reed assisted recently with handing out bookbags and school supplies during the St. Frances Academy’s Books and Baseball Camp.

The Books and Baseball Camp is more than just the celebration of America’s national pastime.

Standing in the midst of promising young ballplayers, Reed also addressed the campers and presented several insights and tips of fundamental fielding. He also encouraged the young men in being positive and pointed out key life lessons that can bring success to a young man through baseball. In fact, it is this contribution of baseball and life application that has attracted numerous young men of Baltimore city to its doors since the program’s inception.

It’s an activity that always brings personal satisfaction to Reed.

“When Mr. (Brian) Boles reached out to me a few years ago with an invitation to speak to the young group I didn’t hesitate,” Reed said. “We are always honored to participate in this program. The key is to capture our young kids early by providing a quality structure summer program that covers both academics and sport. Mr. Boles and his staff do an exceptional job of providing both. I make a point to make my presentation as interactive as possible so that the little guys recognize early that their opinions and input are highly valued as well.”

Boles and his talented staff have been presenting the program in such a way that there always remains a waiting list after the initial registration. It has been noted that the hunger for Books and Baseball is due to the unique fact that there isn’t any other program in the Baltimore metropolitan area that offers both an academic and athletic formation for aspiring baseball players.

Its dual aim of forming young men academically “within the classroom” as well as athletically on the baseball diamond is what keeps this program ready as a solid choice for parents to consider for summer formation.

“We are appreciative of baseball professionals like Coach Reed, who come in and impart his knowledge of not only the game of baseball, but life,” Boles said.

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