Big Blues Roll Over Notre Dame




Bluefield Sports Information


On February 16th the Big Blues had a double header against Notre Dame in Beckley, WV. Going into the game we knew it was going to be a battle from start to finish. We started off strong and scored 1 run in the first inning. Logan Wriston hit a double to left field and Cayden Ross scored. After that we didn’t score again until the top of the 4thKevon Moxey came up to the plate and hit a homerun over center field and brought Tanner Brandon home. We ended up getting our last run at the top of the 7th off of a wild pitch and we won the game 5-2.

After a quick 30-minute break it was time to get back to work. We started off game two scoring 4 runs in the first inning. We scored our first run off of Taylor Tibbs getting hit by a pitch and the bases were loaded. Later on, Noah Wooten singled and advanced to second because of an error. Because of that play we had Taylor TibbsTanner Brandon, and Logan Wriston score. In the third Roman Moore doubled and Kevon Moxey scored. The fourth inning is when Notre Dame tried to close the gap. Tanner Brandon singled which resulted in Caden Ross scoring. At the end of the fourth inning the score was 6-3. They ended up scoring one run in the fifth inning and the score was 6-4. Howie Spencer was relieved by Tanner Brandon with one out left in the bottom of the sixth. To get the final out he threw 3 strikes in a row. The Big Blues ended up going three up three down in the top of the seventh and it was up to Tanner Brandon to seal the game. He ended up striking out one person and the following outs popped up. Tanner Brandon set a personal record (PR) by throwing 94 mph!

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