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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama State baseball rolled up their collective sleeves and provided a community service to Habitat for Humanity in the local Montgomery area last Saturday.

With nearly two billion people around the world who live in slum housing and more than 100 million  homeless, Habitat helps by building or renovating simple, decent houses in partnership with those in need.

The defending SWAC champion Hornets split into two groups of 15 student-athletes and worked in block sessions in cleaning, organizing and restructuring those who need help with housing at the Eastern Boulevard office.

In the past, ASU baseball has committed themselves to several community initiatives such as providing efforts toward the beautification of Montgomery and working toward enriching the lives in their community.

But, this was a fresh idea where the team wanted to lend their hands toward a different cause.

“This was definitely a different idea to help out in the community,” said senior pitcher Tyler Howe.

“We were able to help out with cleaning up their warehouse and help with some of the heavier lifting. These houses are being fixed up by volunteers. They have all this equipment and facilities to fix the house for somebody who maybe never have had their own house. They had a lot of things on wooden pillars and they were dumping those because they were trying to clean out the stuff that they didn’t need whether it was outdated or they didn’t need it any more. So, when the new shipments came in, they had the space for it.”

Howe added that he learned how much work the organization put into the efforts and essentially built everything from the ground surface all the way up to the actually building of homes.

“The organization is in charge of building the whole house,” Howe said. “I thought it was a place that had the utilities and the things needed to build the house.  But, this organization does everything on their own.”

The effort was a full team effort with everybody pitching an effort.

“To help other people felt really nice,” said junior pitcher Jon Roblez.

“This is my third school that I’ve been to and I came here last year.  This year [was different in that] it felt good to help people who don’t have the same opportunity as we do.”

The team said that they are likely to stick with the organization as it was a thankful experience and look forward to future endeavors.

“Once they start to build houses, we plan on being involved with that as well,” said ASU head baseball coachJose’ Vazquez.

“We will be on the list of the first people that they call. We want the community know that Alabama State baseball is more than just baseball. We want to be good citizens and help people that are in need. It feels good again to come together as a family and have the feeling of service in the community.”

Director of Programs and Volunteer Coordination at Montgomery Habitat for Humanity Xavier “Lew” Lewis sent along an appreciative e-mail to the Hornets.

“Teams like Team ASU Baseball have been critically important in helping us make much-needed improvements,” Lewi said.

“Team ASU Baseball was awesome Saturday, September 3rd, in helping us get rid of tons of debris and items that accumulated but cannot be sold. To use a baseball metaphor, they really “batted clean-up” for us. In addition to the hardworking team members, our thanks also goes out to Head Coach Jose Vazquez, Assistant Coach Matt Crane plus the entire coaching staff. I spent 30 years in the Air Force.  I know real leadership when I see it. Head Coach Vazquez and his coaching staff were the epitome of leadership by example. We commend them, and we commend all of Team ASU Baseball for a job well-done. We were honored to partner with them—it was a win-win for all!”


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