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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – When Jose Vazquez was chosen for the new head baseball coaching job at Alabama State University, it opened up other positions to be filled for the coaching staff.

Among those changes was prior assistant coach Drew Clark, who was named the new associate head coach.

The decision to hire Clark required no hesitation for Vazquez.

“Drew is a great recruiter and now he is going to get into a different role that I know he is going to succeed at,” Vazquez said.

Clark will be entering his sixth season as an assistant coach and his first season as the Associate Head Coach for the Hornets.

Among Coach Clark’s accolades include being named 2014 Assistant Coach of the Year, along with coaching several former players who have gone on to accomplish big things.

Under Clark’s recruitment umbrella, he helped recruit and develop players such as Richard “Junior” Amion (19th round selection-San Francisco Giants), and Freshman All-Americans Dillon Cooper, P.J. Harris andDiandre Amion.

Additionally, Clark helped develop Emmanuel Marrero (shortstop-Philadelphia Phillies) and Richard Gonzalez (catcher-Houston Astros).

Now, Clark is in full charge of recruiting, the program’s day-to-day operations, and helping develop hitters and catchers’ skills.

During the hiring process, coach Vazquez made a point to say that there was no doubt in his mind who he wanted on his coaching staff.

Vazquez is all about family aspect within his staff so he stressed the idea of how important it was to keep people around that you can trust and know that they’ll have your back.

“Having a family environment in the coaching staff is probably one of the most important things that you can have,” Vazquez said.

Clark looks forward to raising his family here in Montgomery and to continue coaching at ASU with the family-like coaching staff. He coaches alongside Vazquez and other assistant coach Matt Crane.

The three have all been coaching with each other since Bethune-Cookman, where they also all formerly played. 

“It’s an honor, for him to believe in me to be the right hand man, I’m blessed,” Clark said.

As new head associate coach, he looks forward to this year’s team coming out strong.

After last year’s SWAC Championship title, the bar is set for this year’s team to work hard and reach the goal of a repeat.

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